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i have a hard time believing she’s really comfortable, and yet … She’s snoring.


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3 years!   6 comments

Today is our three year blogiversary! That’s crazy! How time flies!

One thing we’ve learned in these three years is how to meld our morning routines. Neither of us is a morning person. I get up and turn on the TV then go back to bed and hit snooze 3 or 4 more times. Then it’s time to stop procrastinating and face the day. I get up and Miss D watches me. I say, “start thinking about getting up.” She cocks her head like she’s listening then heads over to claim my spot on the bed and goes back to sleep.

When I return, I say again, “start thinking about getting up.” She takes 10 minutes to do her version of yoga—frog-leg stretch, cat pose, downward dog, frog-leg, repeat. Eventually she’s ready and stands near the foot of the bed. This is my cue to lift her off the bed (with her degenerative joint disease and previous medical history, I do not want her to break a hip jumping down. This was our compromise and it works pretty well for both of us).

So I lift her off the bed and set her on her feet on the carpet runner. Then she does her morning shake, another downward dog and she’s ready to sit in the bedroom doorway and stare. I think she’s afraid of the punching bag I store in the next room. Or maybe it’s the hardwood. Either way, she waits for me to cross the threshold first, then she slips and slides across the hardwood to the back door. While I get ready for work, she runs the fence line barking at her doggie friends on the other side and waking the neighborhood.

As soon as I leave for work, she heads to her chair in the window to begin her day of guarding the house/napping. My favorite time of day though is coming home. To see her little face pop up in the window when I pull into the driveway.

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Do you wanna build a snowman?   4 comments

Icky, yucky, wet and heavy snow snow snow! We’ve been having awful wintry weather in the last two weeks but last night was the worst. We have SNOW! Lots and lots of SNOW! Not the light, fluffy stuff like last week, but wet and heavy, snowman-building snow. Miss D is not thrilled with it, but it hasn’t stopped her from running the fence line. Mommy is less sanguine about it. We are writing this post on Thursday, February 26. While the office is officially closed, so is everything else. Power is not down (yet) but cable and Internet are. So by the time this post is up, the worst will be passed. 

Mostly Mommy is wallowing in self pity because today was the day her braces were coming off. She hadn’t let herself hope for the 26 months she’s had them, but once the orthodontist picked the day, she has been counting down. Then… SNOWMAGEDDON!! With less than 24 hours to go, the dreaded call came—postponed!

So now the count down is less than 24 hours + 4 days! 😢 stupid snow. Well, at least it’s pretty.

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Brrrrrr   6 comments

Well, snow flurries were flying as Mommy drove home from work today. By the time we were halfway through our walk the snow had turned to sleet and then freezing rain as we turned onto our street. Cars unfortunate enough to still be out on the roads were already slipping and sliding on our neighborhood windy, hilly roads.

Weather people are predicting up to 0.5 ice tonight and record-breaking cold temperatures all week. Snow is bad enough, but ice practically guarantees loss of power and dangerous road conditions.

To all our friends dealing with dangerous weather conditions, be safe! We’ll see you on the other side!

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So… We had a nasty storm last night. No rain, but so much wind! We lost power for four hours. Mommy was saying soooo many naughty words!

But when we got out this morning, the tree that was yesterday blocking our view of the hawk is now blocking traffic. Windy! Hope the hawk found a safe place to ride out the storm.

Then, disaster! Miss D spotted an enemy coming toward us. That is, another dog! She went bat-shit crazy, as per usual, tripping Mommy up in the leash. Mommy wrenched her back trying not to fall on Miss D but managed to step on her foot anyway. Ouch! Then the owner and the evil dog came running, to see if we needed help since we both had let out some mighty yells. Poor woman didn’t realize that approaching Miss D would only make the situation worse.

Eventually we got everything straightened out, and everyone continued on our ways. But the rest of the walk was not very pleasant. Mommy was walking so slowly and muttering some very naughty words to Miss D along the way. Something about Miss D trying to kill her, or something like that. And now Mommy won’t share her yummy treats no matter how pathetic Miss D looks! It wasn’t my fault! It was that other dog!

Harrumph. I’m going to go pout in my crate. Mean Mommy.

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Look who came to say “Hello!” On our walk today!


I know, he’s hiding behind the tree. But it’s a hawk! We were very close. I made it difficult for mommy to get a good photo because I was pulling so hard.

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