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Pet Doors   4 comments

Today’s WTF moment brought to you by… Pet doors.

As many of you know, Mommy spent quite a lot of money this past summer to install a pet door for Miss D. Here’s the thing: Miss D won’t use it to go outside, only inside.

That is, she’s quite willing (finally) to come in from the cold with no prompting from me, but refuses to go outside without my first “opening the door”. Instead she takes her usual position, sitting by the (open) door waiting for me.

See, first she was too afraid to go near it. Frankly it was simply too high. Luckily, I have a doggy ramp for just such a situation. And it fits perfectly.

But as you know, Miss D is afraid of New Things. And this ramp is definitely a New Thing. Plus I think the nonskid surface freaks her out. Anyway… Fail.

Then Miss D’s granpawents suggested we overlay a kitchen mat on top of the ramp, to negate the nonskid surface.

Ok, that works. Then of course, with the new hardwood floor, we added a runway on the inside, so she doesn’t land flat on her face when she climbs through.


Success! Sort of. I’ve tried to explain to Miss D on numerous occasions that the “door” is, in fact, a “flap” that can be pushed with the nose from either side, but to no avail. I’ve thrown favorite treats through the flap which she eagerly follows outside (then spends the next few minutes searching ALL OVER for said treat, while I stand by the window willing her to LOOK DOWN as the treat is inevitably between her legs). Yet, Miss D refuses to go through the flap otherwise. I must hold the flap open while she climbs through.



Is it love?   2 comments

Or is it shredded beef quesadillas?

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Walking for NCSR   4 comments

Mommy here. Thank you to all who donated during our t-shirt fundraiser. Miss D will get back to blogging about the craziness that is our life soon. Meanwhile, here’s some gratuitous cuteness

aren't I adorable?

aren’t I adorable?

I just learned about this totally cool new app. Every time Miss D and I go for a walk, we raise money for NC Schnauzer Rescue. Cool, right? And it’s FREE! Talk about easy! You don’t even have to be a pet-parent to use it. Every walk counts.

NC Schnauzer Rescue has recently been added to the list of organizations that you can help raise funds for by simply walking your dog! Go to, download the app, and support NC Schnauzer Rescue every time you walk your dog (the app is available via the App Store for iPhones and iPads, and Google Play for Android).

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If a t-shirt isn’t your thing, mommy says you can also donate directly to NC Schnauzer Rescue. All donations are U.S. tax deductible. Help Mommy help more schnauzers like me!


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Only a couple of days left to order your t-shirt! Help mommy help more schnauzers like me!

Originally posted on I Love Schnauzers:

As you well know, Miss D wouldn’t be the crazy, silly, absolutely adorable doggie I am if not for my furever mommy and her friends at NCSR. Now they are asking for our help!


Just in time for Christmas gifts, or even a gift to yourself! NC Schnauzer Rescue (NCSR) is excited to partner with HABIT brands and will receive $10 for every “Love Rescued Me” t-shirt sold!

For 10 days only, starting November 10th, get your t-shirt here, $10 will be donated, and you will love a rescue at the same time. 

love rescued me..#8
$10 can go a LONG way for a rescued dog, and can help fund:
  •  a month’s worth of heartworm protection
  •  needed vaccines like rabies & distemper
  •  spaying or neutering
  •  dental care
  •  medications for special needs rescues
NCSR is a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer rescue group.
Together, even more dogs can be…

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Long sleeves weather   2 comments

Brrrrrrr! It’s another Polar Vortex! Our nightly patrol last night was cold! Good thing Mommy ordered her Love Rescued Me long-sleeve t-shirt. Looks like she’s gonna need it!


We want YOU to be rescued by love! Get a cool Love Rescued Me t-shirt, $10 will be donated to dog rescue, and you will love a rescue at the same time here:

Please pass this along to any friends or family members that are dog lovers who may also want to help!

This campaign is only running for a limited time, so order 1 or 2 or 3 shirts TODAY!!!
There are short sleeved, long sleeved, men’s, women’s, and junior/princess sizes available!

$10 can go a LONG way for a rescued dog, and can help fund:
* a month’s worth of heartworm protection
* needed vaccines like rabies & distemper
* spaying or neutering
* dental care
* medications for special needs rescues

NCSR is a 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer rescue group.
Together, even more dogs can be rescued by love!!!

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